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October 2016
Maker Space Museum Newsletter
 Museum Curation

WIZnet Maker Space Museum is a collection of projects, tutorials, and articles by hobbyists and engineers using WIZnet. Majority of the content is based on open platforms like Arduino and mbed with applications varying from remote control, home network, robot, and security. Some projects elaborate on brilliant ideas using IoT devices on SNS, Cloud, and WEB server. The Curation category contains a balance of different projects and added explanations by WIZnet engineers for better understanding.

DIY Projects using WizFi250 or WizFi210

This posting introduces DIY projects using WIZnet’s Wi-Fi modules WizFi250 and WizFi210.
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Simple IoT Gateway

Gateway is the medium that enables communication for parties that cannot communicate with each other due to physical reasons or regulations. Recently, gateway is mainly used to connect to the Internet, thus it is often connected with Ethernet and is also called router.
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How to make your home smarter with Arduino Ethernet: Part2 - Room monitoring & control

In the previous posting of ‘What is a Smart Home,’ we looked into how to identify the smart home and what kind of things we can do using the technology. In this posting, we are going to introduce applications that focus on controlling and monitoring rooms at home among the various Smart home projects.
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ARMmbed Project with Home Automation(Smart home)

Many changes have occurred in daily life since the Internet of Things industry have developed significantly. The word Internet of Things enabled many hosts to connect to the Internet and exchange information over the Internet; many services notify customers about the host and provide service for managing and controling the host.
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